Work Experience

A work placement gives pupils the chance to gain hands-on experience of the working world and can be invaluable to entering into their chosen career.

Introducing pupils to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers or prepare for employment. Work Experience is the short-term placement of secondary school pupils with employers where they will have the opportunity to observe and practice work tasks, but not to undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise (The Education Act 1996 and local bye-laws place limitations on the type of work which pupils can experience). The Academy's Work Experience Co-ordinator can give advice on this. The placement is undertaken at the employer’s premises and has enormous benefits for pupils.

The allocation process begins in the Spring term of Year 10 when pupils receive a letter with a parental consent form attached, this must be signed and returned for a pupil to eligible for the Work Experience programme. There is a list of regular placement providers held in the academy which pupils can express their interest in or they can organise an alternative placement by requesting a self-canvass form from the Work Experience Co-ordinator. 

Please be aware that whilst every effort is made to get pupils their first choice of placement, this is not always possible. Therefore we recommend that any pupils wishing to work in a particular area are asked to try and obtain their own placements using the self-canvass forms. All self-canvass forms must be returned to the Work Experience Co-ordinator by the deadline set as the placements need to be approved by Humber EBP and this process can sometimes take up to eight weeks. 

Parents/carers can offer valuable support in finding placements. Their written consent is needed before a placement can begin. They will have information about the arrangements, and will know how to contact the academy if their son or daughter reports a problem to them about their placement. They will be asked to provide medical information which could affect the health, safety and welfare of their son or daughter whilst on a work placement.

Work Experience should help pupils

  • Make more informed decisions about career plans
  • Work alongside adults as part of a team
  • Understand what employers expect from employees
  • Clarify their expectations and understanding of employment
  • Raised aspirations and greater insight into job opportunities and the qualifications needed
  • Greater confidence in their own abilities
  • An employer who might be able to act as a referee for you in future job applications

Pupils will be instructed prior to the placement beginning to contact the employer and introduce themselves. This information is found on the confirmation paperwork and is an important part of the process.

Once on the placement, parents/carers should discuss the arrangements for lunch or break periods with their child and make sure they are suitable. If a pupil leaves the employer’s premises during lunch or break periods, no liability can be accepted by the employer or the school for any incident that may occur.