Holy Family is a Catholic Academy committed to the educating of the whole child. We strive to be an inclusive, distinctive and inspiring School where students are not afraid to share their God given talents.

Throughout the year many events take place around the Catholic Life of the Academy and you can find details of these under the tab ‘events’. You can also see any future events on the ‘dates’ tab, to see what fantastic opportunities our students will have.

In December 2014 the Academy Mission Statement was re-drafted and you can see this below.

Lord help me be the best I can be, so I can teach others to be the same 

Do not bury your talents:

The gifts that God has given you,

Do not be afraid to dream of great things!

(Pope Francis) 

Holy Family Catholic Academy is a place of mercy freely given. A place where all feel welcome, where all students, staff and parents form a community driven by one goal. A community focused on the educating of the whole person. Holy Family Catholic Academy strives to develop young people spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and academically

A Christian community where relationships are built on love, peace, truth, reconciliation, forgiveness, responsibility, faith, hope, commitment and justice.

Providing outstanding learning opportunities for all students. Lessons will engage, stimulate, challenge and stretch learners and enable all to reach their full potential.