Care, Guidance and Support

Care, guidance and support are top priorities to enable our students to flourish. We will instill family values in our day-to-day learning and encourage students to support each other.

We expect our students to be well behaved at all times, polite and treat to each other and the wider academy community with respect.

Students are listened to and have the chance to share their views and ideas through the Student Council.

Spiritual development is a key part of our Catholic ethos and our chaplaincy team is always on on-hand to offer guidance and support.

All students belong to one of three houses, which take their names from inspirational figures from the past; Thomas Becket, Florence Nightingale and St Francis of Assisi. Where younger students are joining older siblings they will be placed in the same House. New Year 7 students or those joining the academy at other times are assigned a Buddy to help them settle quickly and make new friends.

Every student has a Form Tutor who will be their first point of contact and parents are welcome to contact the tutor at any time to discuss their child's progress or any concerns they may have.