Memorial Service

On Monday 26th September we held a short memorial service for Jodie Rogers, on the first anniversary of her death.  Prayers were said for the repose of Jodie and for her family and members of the Chaplaincy team created a prayerful area in the Chapel, for students and staff to reflect and pray together. 


Year of Mercy

Five members of Holy Family staff and students travelled to Nottingham on Friday 18th November to join with other schools from the Diocese to a Mass led by Bishop Patrick, to celebrate the closing of the Year of Mercy.  We were asked to take an item with us which would explain how we had lived out the Year of Mercy.  The students chose two photographs of their shoe box collection and a group of seafarers receiving them the very same day.  They wrote "Merciful like the Father" in graffiti style around the photos and then added commitments they have made towards seafarers who dock at Immingham.  They joined the entrance procession and placed their artifact on the sanctuary at the Cathedral.  It was a lovely day, shared with the two Catholic primary schools and Deacon Richard Jones.


 Reach4 Training Day

Eleven students from the school took part in Chaplaincy Training led by the Reach4 Team at St Mary's Primary on Wednesday 23rd November.  They were joined by pupils from St Mary's, St Bernadette's and St Augustine Webster.  As the only secondary school taking part, our students were complimented on their energy and enthusiasm by the team from the Briars and members of staff from other schools.  They returned to school full of ideas for Advent. 


Advent Services

Two Advent Services took place during the first week of Advent.  Year 7 and their teachers took part on Tuesday 29th November and year 8 and their teachers took part on Wednesday 30th November.  

The students learnt about the season of Advent and in twenty minutes planned a liturgy comprising of the main four elements: gather, word, respond and mission.

Both events were very busy and students were very engaged with the process which produced two very different liturgies.  Year 8 students "rapped" the Annunciation and it was great!

It was a pleasure to see students who are not members of the Chaplaincy team confidently producing a liturgy for others.